Options Trading - Types of Options

If you are looking for an answer to the question what types of options are available, read this review. In it, we will consider the main types of options available for trading to traders who opened an account with brokers. Find out what types of options are available on brokerage platforms.

What are different types of Options

Popular types of options

Calls and puts are the two most popular types of options. On the basis of styles, there are two types of options, one is American and other is European style options. Stock traded options and the OTC market options are opposite to each other. As OTC market options are less accessible to general people. Consider the main types of options offered by brokers for traders.

Standard Options

Standard Options also known as Classic, Digital or High/Low Options is the most popular platform among brokers. It gives you the opportunity to select your desired asset and predict whether the classic option will rise or fall within a set period of time. So the traders get the fixed payout by the time the trade expires.
They are recognized with their featured chart and “call” and “put” buttons. You can also view such options in multi-view mode which gives you the quick access to all trades from the same window.

Long term

In comparison to other types of Options, Long term Options lies in less degree of risk. It gives you the opportunity to trade with good analysis of events on the assets over a longer time frame. It means that price of the chosen asset has more time to reach the value you predicted.
The trading process for both Classic and Long term option is the same. You select the asset, expiry time and predict whether the price rise or fall.

One touch

This type of option gives trader a very high payout based on the price of the underlying asset reaches a predetermined rate until expiry time. Also, they are tradable at weekends and holidays. In one touch options at any time the asset reaches or surpasses the predetermined price level, then the option will be in-the-money and trader will receive the payout even if the option has not yet expired.

60 seconds

60 seconds options are the fastest way to place a trade and earn profit. It allows traders to choose an asset, expiry time of 30, 60 and 120 seconds and predict the direction of the asset’s value. Also, It allows traders to hedge, place multiple positions and take advantage of volatility time of the market.


This ladder option allows traders with multiple prediction on an asset and expiry time. It gives you more choice and flexibility while analyzing the market. On the other hand, traders have predetermined target levels for which they prognosticate whether the target will be accomplished by the expiration time or not. It gives traders the opportunity to benefit from higher payout rates within a short period of time rather than Standard Options.


It allows traders to compare and predict between two alternative assets. With Pairs, a trader predicts how strong or weak one asset will be compared to another. For example, a trader can predict the performance of Gold compared to Silver to see which of them will rise in price more by the expiry time. So, if the trader believes that in Gold vs. Silver the price of Gold will raise more at expiry then he/she would choose a “Call” Option and if the trader believes that Silver will raise more by expiry then he/she would choose a “Put” option.

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