Platform Olymp Trade for online trading in the financial markets

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Olymp Trade provides a high-quality professional platform for online trading in financial markets with a convenient, customizable schedule. You can start trading in a web browser without installing any software on your computer. The time of the transaction can be selected and set minutely. The terminal has basic indicators for conducting technical analysis and testing new strategies.

Platform Olymp Trade for online trading

Why do traders choose the Olymp Trade trading platform, what are its advantages? Consider in detail.

Olymp Trade is a modern platform for online trading in the financial markets. The company has been operating since 2014 and has created one of the most popular platforms for trading in the financial markets due to its reliability, quality, simplicity and other advantages. The following assets are available on the trading platform: Forex currencies, stocks, commodities, oil, gold, cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, etc. Official applications are available for installation on iOS and Android devices.

Olymp Trade is constantly improving its trading platform in accordance with the needs of traders and the latest industry trends.

Risk-free trades. Full protect your investment.
Demo and live account.
24-hour trading of more than 70 assets.
Improved technical analysis.
Convenient platform interface.
Signals from analysts for VIP users.
Sell options early.

Platform Olymp Trade

Olymp Trade is a relatively new – yet ambitious – trading platform that combines industry best practices and innovative approaches, resulting in the delivery of quality service you’ve never seen before.

The platform offers trading on the OlympTrade OPTION and FOREX accounts. These accounts are separated and have a different interface.

At Olymp Trade OPTION, there are two types of option deals: by the duration of the trade (from 1 minute to several hours) and by the expiration time (from 1 minute).

At Olymp Trade FOREX deals are made for the purchase ("in growth") or sale ("for a decrease") at the current price with no limit on the duration of the deals. There is no spread, or the difference between the purchase and sale prices, but there is a small commission at the conclusion of the transaction and for postponing the position to the next day.

The trading platform Olymp Trade is an exclusive system. Being a web-based trading platform, no download is needed. The style of the user interface is additionally simple on the eyes as well as basic to recognize. The chart is located on the left side of the display, and the Above and Below buttons on the right. The chart includes included features such as technological indications and technological evaluation. The history of trading operations is displayed at the bottom of the screen, which allows investors to quickly view market settings.

For mobile traders, OlympTrade provides a trading platform in a mobile application that works with both iPhone and Android devices. There are in indicators on the platform. You can do technical analysis by using indicators.

Reliable technology

In the trading platform, only the latest technologies, high-speed quotes are used and the quality confirmed by the corresponding license is guaranteed.

To trade options in OlympTrade need to make only few simple steps: login, sign up, go to the platform and begin to develop financial markets.

Unique opportunities for successful trading

Unique opportunities for successful trading

Select the tool, time, the direction of the price movement and get up to 90% on a VIP account with the correct prediction. If at some moment You realized that the forecast was incorrect and the graph went in the other direction, just cancel the deal and save up to half its amount.

Easy entry to the market

Easy entry to the market

To assess the benefits of the platform Olymp Trade and hone your own strategy, practice on demo account. Without investing your own funds, you are free to make trades, to learn the tools of the trade and also enjoy round the clock technical support.

When You fully dive into the world of options trading and feel confident, you can get out of the comfort zone and start earning from anywhere and at any time.

Assistance in professional growth

Assistance in professional growth

A reliable broker will be Your guide in the exciting world of financial markets.

Online training webinars on trading strategies and fresh analytics will allow you to improve your skills and carefully approach the study of global finance.

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