Best options trading assets

Options trading assets

The best option for trading assets. Many tradable assets are available on world markets, including stocks, bonds, forex currencies, commodities and various derivatives on them (for example options). Find out which assets are best for options trading. List of the most popular trading assets for options.

Options are financial instruments that are derivatives based on the value of underlying securities such as stocks. An options contract offers the buyer the opportunity to buy or sell—depending on the type of contract they hold—the underlying asset.

Most popular trading assets for options

The most popular trading assets for options: currency pairs, stock indices, cryptocurrency, currency and commodity exchanges, stocks of companies, for example, Apple or Microsoft, goods, including oil and gas, precious metals, gold and silver, platinum, cryptocurrencies bitcoin. Read the list below.


The Forex market was created as a result of exchange of one currency to another, which is made every day worldwide. Forex is the most extensive traded product in the world with a daily average turnover of over $4 trillion. It is growing among investors rapidly all over the world as it is 24 hours a day, also extremely transparent and liquid.

Currency rates vary every second but, as a rule, the difference is not so big. Platforms Options has a wide choice of currency pairs Forex which enables you to trade on over 34 of them.


Gold, silver, platinum and palladium constitute the majority of trading in precious metals.

Gold and silver are considered as the secure and safe investment and their value is known to us. By the time of economic adversity the value of these metals will rise and recently we have seen great volatility in the prices of these precious metals.

Options trading platforms will offer investors gold, silver, platinum and palladium.


Commodities are physical goods that are widely traded among traders. The most well-known commodities are gold, silver, oil, coffee, corn and wheat. The volatility of these products gives a great attraction for investors. You can trade gold, silver and oil as commodities.


Indices or index trading is a measure of the price changes of the stock market, the most dominated and significant. So an index is an imaginary portfolio of securities representing a particular market or a portion of it. With options, index trading is a lot more simplified and a toll is provided for trades to take a view on the direction of the market or hedge.


Stocks are traded globally and traders can take advantages of stock option trading that can lead to prompt returns. You can choose an stock and see the price changes. By following the market and financial news you can choose the best strategy for profitable options trading.

Currency pairs

Pairs trading options focuses on the relationship between two instruments (currencies, commodities, stocks or indices) and they are being traded exactly as Forex pairs are being traded. With pairs, a trader predicts how strong or weak one asset will be compared to another. So in the pair trading, the asset price that is quoted is the ratio between the two assets.

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