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Updated December 2, 2021

Olymp Trade VIP (Expert) it is a prestigious and advantageous status that allows the trader to receive additional advantages in trading on the Forex and Fixed Time Trades. In our review, we will look at how to become a VIP trader and get premium Expert status at Olymp Trade, and all benefits this status provide.


Olymp Trade VIP Expert

Olymp Trade VIP

You can become a VIP trader in Olymp Trade by replenishing a deposit of $2000 or more by a one-time payment. At the same time, you can get the privileged Expert status immediately after registering with the company by transferring the required amount to your trading account using a convenient payment service, which presents the most popular deposit methods. A pleasant surprise for a new VIP customer is a generous bonus amount when crediting a payment.

VIP status Expert in Olymp Trade and risk-free transactions allow the trader to be most efficiently.

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VIP Olymp Trade

VIP benefits of Olymp Trade

Learn about all the benefits of VIP trading with Expert status (Forex, Fixed Time Trades) at Olymp Trade, read on.

1. Increased profitability.
Increased profitability allows VIP traders to earn from each transaction and extract more profits in less time. For example, on a standard account, the yield on the most popular currency pairs is only 80%[1], and on the Expert it rises to 92%[2], which will lets you get even more profit from completed deals. The income level increased by 12% has a positive effect on the effectiveness of various strategies and significantly increases the trader's monthly profit.

2. Maximum transaction amount.
Olymptrade increased the maximum amount of the transaction on the VIP account Expert 2.5 times, up to $5000. Increasing the limits on opened deals will allow extracting the maximum profit with the help of effective strategies. After the trader receives status Expert, the maximum possible transaction volume on the OlympTrade platform increases from two thousand dollars to five thousand dollars.

3. Term withdrawals.
Withdrawal is reduced to 1 day. If a user with a regular account type needs to wait up to 3 days, then the Expert lets you receive the earned profit within a day (usually within a few minutes). At the same time, the procedure for applying for payment is standard.

4. Personal consultant.
An analyst is an experienced trader whose task is to make a newbie a professional who can be consulted at any time to seek advice. To contact an expert, you can use Skype, phone, email or request a call back.

5. Risk free trades.
Each VIP trader can get risk-free trades every month. This is a kind of insurance for your Fixed Time Trades, which will return your investment to you if your forecast is wrong. However, if it is right, you will still make a profit. This is a kind of cashback, and its size depends on your trading activity. Status users are given the opportunity to start earning money without risk. This implies a return of 100% of the investment amount in the event of a losing transaction.

6. Individual training.
VIP trader is available training via Skype, by telephone and on webinars. Trading plan, strategies, economic news - all this and not only you can study and use effectively. Additionally, the trader can choose the necessary strategies and topics for study.

7. Closed webinars.
Olymp Trade holds 4 webinars per week, which are closed for traders with a regular account type. Where representatives of the VIP department of the company trade at real time with traders, record profit for 1 hour $1172. Log in to get VIP and attend practical introductory courses and workshops and become a professional trader.

8. Exclusive strategies.
The VIP trader can use exclusive strategies that are not available to ordinary users and are designed specifically for conditions with privileged status. Strategies are available on the trading platform. You can activate any of them with one click, without losing time on setting parameters and searching for the right indicators to start trading.

9. Trading signals.
Expert analytics and trading signals daily arriving at the platform will help to simplify the search for investment ideas as much as possible. Become a VIP trader and receive from 5 to 10 signals for opening deals for a period of 30 to 180 minutes.

10. Exclusive events.
Olymp Trade holds large-scale events and gives winners large prizes. At the same time, the company does not skimp on the prize fund, which allows traders not only to compete in skills with other players of the trading platform, but also to receive a generous cash reward or a chic prize for this.

Olymp Trade vipUP TO 50%from $1092%[2] for Expert statusLinkVisit Site

Status Expert

All platform users trading on a real account receive statuses. The statuses differ in many ways. Here is the basic information about status Expert:

Expert - a new name for the VIP status with all the privileges. You can get it after refilling your account with $2000 / €2000.
✅ Yield: up to 92%!
✅ Withdraw funds: Highest priority!
✅ Maximum trade amount: $5000
✅ Bonus: up to 50%
✅ Risk-free transactions: Yes!

Your income in your hands. Unleash your potential:
VIP at Olymp Trade means Forex opportunities at an even more profitable level. Personal manager, exclusive strategies, insurance of transactions, increased profitability and quick payment of profits will allow you to start trading as efficiently and profitably as possible!

Become an expert in online trading in the financial markets!

The profitability and transaction times for FTT and FX products differ.

Risk disclaimer

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