How to make money fast in Binomo and make a profit

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How to make money fast in Binomo and make a profit How to trade options and make money on the platform Binomo. Read the review of the effective method of earning on options in Binomo. In this review I will talk about a very efficient way to make money in Binomo, which can be used to make money with most other binary options brokers.

Binomo belongs to the category of brokers offering options trading with 10 dollars, which is very popular among traders. An important feature of the brokerage company Binomo is the presence of a license FinaCom, it provides customers with additional reliability. The minimum deposit in Binomo to start trading and earning is only 10 dollars, and the minimum transaction size is 1 dollar. You can open a deposit in euros. A full review of Binomo brokerage company with traders reviews is available here -

What is the main advantage of trading and earning in Binomo? The main distinguishing feature is the opportunity to start trading options from $ 1, which is very suitable for making money on the strategy written in this review.

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Earnings in Binomo

Many traders having opened the Binomo trading platform paid attention to the fact that quotes on the exchange market are moving all the time. For example, the price of any asset can be trampled on for a long time almost in place, or it can start a quick upward movement and then turn around. There is a certain pattern of movement of quotations on the exchange market, which can be used for stable earnings. For example, if quotes are constantly decreasing or, on the contrary, constantly increasing, not rolling back, then a strong reversal (correction) of the market will always occur.

This identified pattern of the market allows traders to effectively earn on any trading assets using a proven and effective strategy.

Professional traders use the system to increase the martingale deal. Read on to learn how to make money in Binomo on options trading using the martingale system.

What to look for:
  • the selected asset must be highly profitable, for example, EURUSD;
  • the time of transactions must be chosen in advance, but it is better to start from 5 minutes;
  • for earning in Binomo on this strategy, the first transaction should always be opened for 1 dollar.
The first open trade in the trading platform will either be profitable and then we will earn, or it will be unprofitable, then we will lose 1 dollar. In the first case, if the transaction is closed and brought us income, we will wait for the next moment with the trend and the beginning of the correction to open a new transaction. On the other hand, if our transaction is unsuccessful, what then to do, how to earn? Read on for the most efficient options trading on the Binomo platform.

How to make money trading options in the platform Binomo

Earnings Strategy in Binomo

There is no need to simply fix losses; we will take advantage of even, at first glance, unsuccessful transactions. As soon as the first option trade for 5 minutes turns out to be at a loss of $ 1, we will immediately open a new deal with the expiration of 5 minutes, in the same direction, but by $ 2.

Important! The next transaction is opened as soon as the previous one is closed.

To make money in Binomo, even a small price reversal on the chart in the trading platform is enough. It often happens that you have to make several deals in a row, before there will be a trend correction and the deal closes with a profit. In this case, to earn on a series of transactions, each subsequent transaction must be twice as large as the previous one.

For example, you opened a deal for 1 dollar, then 2, then 5, and with which, unlike the previous ones, we earned. For example, the return on an asset is 80%, and the profit from the transaction was $ 4. Thus, we overlap 2 previous losing trades and get an income of 1 dollar on the third transaction.

For earning in Binomo according to this strategy, it is important to make a calculation in advance of the cost of each subsequent transaction so that the potential profit covers losses and brings income. It should be noted that you need to know in advance the yield on the selected asset for trading. Many novice traders choose EURUSD for trading, with one of the highest interest rates, but you can choose others on the Binomo platform.

Binomo Earnings Tips

With the release of important economic news, be prepared for the fact that you may need to make 5, 6, 7 deals in a row.

Advice, do not repeat the two most common mistakes of novice traders:
  1. Do not overstate the value of the first transaction on the option, since it is the amount of each subsequent transaction in the series that depends on it;
  2. Do not trade when leaving important news. Before you start trading, see the time of release of important data in the economic calendar.
The publication of important news can cause a strong trend, at this time it is highly undesirable to trade. Pre-verify the absence of such news in the economic calendar on this link, and only then proceed to trade. These tips will help you to start earning stably on options in Binomo and from any other broker.


Now you have learned how to effectively and consistently start trading options, making money and quickly making a profit in Binomo. This method of earning is widely known for experienced and VIP traders, pre-test it on a demo account and use it boldly in your trading.

Start earning.
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