Demo Trading Forex / Options in Olymp Trade

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To learn how to trade options and make money on it, you first need to open a demo. Olymp Trade provides an opportunity for everyone to open a free demo on the platform for online trading in financial markets for effective training. The demo at Olymp Trade is a great opportunity to evaluate all the advantages of the platform, study the terms of the deals, and only then invest in real options trading. Instructions.
Demo Trading Forex / Options in Olymp Trade

Demo trading on Olymp Trade

It is quite easy to start trading on a demo in Olymp Trade, for this you do not need to replenish the deposit with a broker. The platform with the possibility of demo trading is provided free of charge when registering on the official site of I emphasize here especially that not all brokers provide such functionality as a demo version on a platform for real trading.

Start trading on Demo (for free) -

In the OlympTrade platform, you will be able to independently switch between demo and real trading, this is very convenient for testing new strategies. For example, you can test new strategies on demo without risk, and in the case of positive results, immediately open real deals. To switch, you need to go to the menu and select - "Demo" or "Real" trading.

How to open a demo for options trading

After registering on the official website of OlympTrade, you will instantly get access to your personal account and the ability to trade options on your training demo. The virtual balance of the demo will be credited with the amount of 10 thousand units to start online trading.
Considering that the Olymp Trade broker has a minimum transaction amount of only $ 1, this will be enough to fully explore the platform and test more than one strategy.

With the help of this conditional money, you can safely learn to trade options on currency pairs, cryptocurrency, stocks, raw materials and metals, test various trading strategies. In your personal account you can replenish and restore the balance of the demo an unlimited number of times.

The advantages of trading on a demo

Olymp Trade demo account is not limited in time, you can use it as long as you need. For beginners, this is an excellent tool to learn how to trade options without any risk.

Important! I will note the fact that you can start trading on a demo before replenishing a deposit, and in fact many brokers offer the opportunity to trade on a demo only after replenishing a real account with the amount of the minimum deposit.

Unlimited use and simple opening demo is a plus. Consider further whether there are any significant differences between the real and demo version of the platform for online trading.

Are there any differences between demo trading and real

Trading on Forex and Options Above / Below on a demo in Olymp Trade does not differ from the real one, which makes it stand out among many brokers. The trader on the Olymp Trade platform is available: a virtual amount of money on the balance sheet and unlimited ability to use the platform. All chart functions are available - scaling, scrolling the history of price fluctuations, changing the timeframe and display format, indicators and the ability to freely use technical analysis on the price chart. There are also no restrictions on the choice of financial assets for trading. The expiration time (transaction time) and time periods of the graphs do not differ.

It is important to note that stock quotes are the same, both in practice and in real trading, and you can check it yourself. Often they write about other companies that the graphics are different, but in this case it is not. Quotes come in real time from the largest investment banks and are the same for all traders, including demo and real trading.

How to login the demo Olymp Trade

How to login the demo

To login the demo trading in Olymp Trade, you need to go to the main page of the broker's official website and click on the "Login" button:
An authorization form will appear, in which you need to enter the data that you provided during registration. Enter your login (your e-mail address) and your password to log into the platform. If you log in from someone else’s computer, check the special box so that no stranger can enter your personal account in the future. If you log in from your computer or from a mobile application for a tablet or smartphone, then there is no need for that. Click on the link "Login" and go to the demo trading.

You can go online authorization on our OlympTrade login page.

If you have forgotten your password, you can always get a new password to your e-mail. To restore, you need to click the special link "get a new password" under the orange button and in the next window enter your email address.

How to replenish the balance of the demo

Let's look at how to replenish the balance on the Olymp Trade demo platform. Initially, 10,000 units are credited to it, and if you still need to recharge the demo, then you need to open a trading platform. Further, at the top of the terminal, next to the balance amount, you will see a large button "Deposit funds", which allows you to replenish the balance with one click. You need to click on it, then select "Add a demo account to 10,000 units.".

I note that you can replenish the demo only if the amount on the virtual balance is less than 5 thousand units. Recharge occurs instantly.

For example, if you choose an interesting and profitable strategy, and the balance is on a demo zero, you should not postpone your plans. Click a couple of buttons and on your training account again 10 thousand conventional units to continue trading.

How to switch to real trading from demo

Many novice traders ask the question when and how to switch from demo trading with real options. There is no exact answer here and it is individual for each trader. Someone quickly learns and after a week goes over to the real one, and not even a month is enough to start trading profitably. When you have mastered enough trade on the educational version of Olymp Trade, then you can start trading with real money.

To switch from a demo trading to a real one, you need to replenish the balance in your account. The minimum deposit amount is from 10 US dollars / 10 Euro.

How to open demo deals

Consider further how to open a demo deal. In educational and real trading on OlympTrade, deals with options Above and Below are made on the platform through a special online form.

Above / Below - If you think that the price of an asset will be higher than the price at which you open a deal, then click on the "Higher" button, and if, on the contrary, you think that it will go down, then click the "Below" button. Between the Above and Below buttons is the selected asset, in this example it is a EUR / USD pair, and the current exchange price is displayed, which is constantly changing on the live chart in the platform.
Transaction Amount - In the "Transaction Amount" field, enter the amount that you are ready to invest in the purchase of an option (you can change it using the arrows).
Transaction Time - The Transaction Time field is the expiration time, it indicates the validity period of the option you purchased (choose it yourself). Further, the platform will immediately show how much you earn in case of a right decision for a given period of time.

Be sure to test in trading on a demo, such convenient features as:
"Cancel transaction" - cancel a losing trade.
"Early closing of the transaction" - you can close the transaction ahead of schedule. The amount of the return will depend on the degree of change in the price of the asset. The more actively the price chart moves in the direction of the chosen direction of the transaction, the greater will be the amount of the return on deposit when the option is sold.
"Risk-free transaction" (up to a certain limit) - if your forecast did not come true, the broker will return the amount of the bet to your deposit.


Options and Forex are highly profitable trading tools, but in order to use all opportunities 100% and to earn well, you need to open a training demo version, learn the platform and learn how to apply different strategies correctly.

Olymp Trade demo trading is suitable for both beginners and experienced traders. Start trading options and forex for free with no risk on the demo. Use the favorable offer of the broker and register on the site.

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Start free trade training on a demo!
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