The student became a millionaire, earning on options trading

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The student became a millionaire, earning options The success story of a British student who learned to sell on the market and the exchange become a millionaire overflew the world.

Meet and take an example! This is Robert Mfune from the city of Southampton. He's only 18 (fulfilled in 2016). He's a millionaire tonight. Or almost a millionaire. Robert is actively investing in money, buying cafes, restaurants, and small shops. He also has a production project. However, Robert Mfune is not a son of wealthy parents, but a migrant from Africa! With his mother, he came to England only a few years ago, at the age of 12. They've lived pretty poorly. Where did he get his seed capital? It's simple. His first money, which was then successfully invested in a ready-made business, Robert earned on options. And we're not just going to tell him what he did, but how.

When Robert turned 16, he started working on two part-time jobs-McDonald's and a courier in a finance firm. He could at the same time in college. While his peers were playing with toys, he started trading options while working at McDonald's age 17, today he's 18, and he's controlling the gold Bentley, bought a house and some other prestigious cars!

We'll tell you about the secrets of his success at the very end of the article (there are references to sources of information about our hero in the most world media) ...

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At one point, he decided to try his forces in the simplest form of exchange trade (in options where the profit up to 90% could be obtained for the correct forecasting of the movement of the dollar, oil, gold, or other stocking assets-up to the quotes or downwards). was practised in the trade of options he was at home while preserving his main job.

Robert makes money trading on an exchange, sitting in his office home.
Robert makes money trading on an exchange, sitting in his office home.

It's amazing, but by the time Robert graduated, he was able to buy the Golden Bentley, which earned it on options. According to some estimates, he could have been a young millionaire by the age of 18. As Robert says, he was able to pay attention to financial markets, and he helped him work as a finance company. At age 17, the guy started selling his own house. Two years later, Robert earned so much that he bought the mother a house and a golden Bentley for 170 thousand dollars.

Trading options in the words of Robert - it's quite easy.
The trade in options, according to Roberta, is very easy. It's a very simple trading system, much simpler than the odds of just making bets, going up prices, or downwards. The return on the correct forecast reaches 70-90%, sometimes in a day or more. But you can play the time line and even a minute! It is worth noting that the smaller the time slot, the more risks the quotation is expected to be mistaken because of the volatility of the market. See how this works here.

The result of your trade is determined in just a few minutes. That's why many investors choose this type of investment today! The simplicity and speed attracts private investors from about 180 countries today. The minimum deposit to open an account is only $10. Minimum rate of $1. Maximum rate is $20,000.

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The Golden Bentley Continental GT is not the only car of Robert.
However, the Golden Bentley Continental GT is not the only car of Robert: There is still a few cars in the young millionaire Park, totalling 325 thousand dollars, including the Range Rover ...

I bought a car for my mom
"So far, I bought my mom a car because I don't want people to see my mom driving the bus, knowing I'm a good earner." "The next step was to pick her up a nice place, so I bought her a house," says Robert Mfune ...

Robert no longer works at McDonald's.
Robert no longer works at McDonald's. He has successfully continued to engage in stock transactions and multiplied his capital. Earned money the businessman invests in coffee shops and real estate in the United Kingdom and South Africa, from whence he is ...

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Tips for newcomers who want to try themselves In the simplest exchange trade options and become a successful trader:

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1. The first thing you need to do is just register for the trading platform (or download a mobile application: a universal reference to iOS and Android app) for no more than 1 minutes.

Successful and promising are registered at once. They become millionaires in every business ... Losers, slackers, and slaves people always postpone everything for later, and then they tend to forget what they wanted to do ...

2. Remember rule 72 hours is one of the favourite rules of the Bodo Schafer.

Bodo Schaefer, a German business consultant and speaker, argues that if you postponed the performance of a plan of more than 72 hours, the probability that the task would remain merely an intention is growing to 90%. Getting started immediately, we signal to the brain that the goal is important to us and that we have successfully carried out the first steps — even basic registration, testing, listening to free seminars and trading videos (available in the 12 languages of the world) — we are programmable for success. Some of the video lessons are: Strategies for trade in options.

3. Explore the simplest features of the trading platform. Spend today, at a convenient time, at least 10-20 minutes on the school account. Choose an asset whose movement of quotes is easier to predict. Let it be a dollar, oil or gold. Just study the stock platform. Make a few virtual bets. Newcomers are better off playing real money on the first day or playing symbolic bets.

4. Take a new case every day for at least 20 minutes. Learn about the useful topics ...

Useful materials to the beginning trader

1. Trader errors on options;

2. The most risky but profitable strategy on options;

3. Scalping strategy in dealing with options;

4. Strategy for trade in options for the trend;

5. Strategy for hedging in options trade;

6. 8 Steps to successful trade in options.

The secret of trade in options with a stable trend selection method

(Stable falling of oil prices, for example or steadily increasing)
The essence of this strategy is genius. Look for an asset (any one viewing several graphs at a time) that has a stable trend (a pattern that characterizes the overall long-term trend in the price of a stock tool).
Now more details:

(1) Steady trend, the graph clearly shows a trend towards a higher rate. Clearly, we choose the Purchase (CALL - growth) for this asset. Open the deal and get a profit in a few minutes.

Options: Growing trend
(2) The chart clearly shows a downward trend. You must select a sales (PUT - drop) for this asset. No matter how much the price drops, you will still get up to 90 percent of the profits.

Options: steadily declining trend
(3) An unstable trend can change rapidly, so the risk is too large. There is no obvious trend in this image. No clear trend-stay away!

Options: Unstable trend
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