Silver Bull tournament in Olymp Trade

Silver Bull tournament in Olymp Trade

Olymp Trade is launching The Silver Bull tournament to celebrate the Asian New Year!


Olymp Trade tournament

Prize Pool

The Silver Bull, a symbol of the upcoming year, stands for force and perseverance. In trading, this animal represents a strong uptrend. A powerful mix, indeed!

The Tournament will take place from Feb 8 to Feb 21, 2021.

Olymp Trade is providing a huge Prize Pool of $1,000,000. The prize pool will be shared between 50 winners from League 1 (Starter), League 2 (Advanced), and League 3 (Expert). Also, there will be 50 daily winners in each League winning cash prizes and XP. No matter your league, you can work your way to the top and grab an award!

How to Win

It's super easy. Just actively trade and complete tournament tasks to see your name in the top 50.

Among other prize-winning opportunities is The Lucky Spin. Any tournament participant who has funded their live account may spin this wheel to win something. The biggest prizes include a gold bar worth $60,000 and premium Apple products. There are also XP, Risk-free trades, and Bonuses. Every spot on the wheel comes with some fortune, big or small.

New! It's official ー the Prize Fund has just been increased to an unprecedented $1,000,000. Hopefully, this announcement will double your motivation to Hit High. And don't forget about Lucky Spin!

The Silver Bull Tournament is a fantastic chance to create conditions for a prosperous New Year! Choose your league and compete for a share of the million dollar prize pool!

New! The Olymp Trade launches the Black Friday Cup will take place from 22 to 28 November, 2021. Prize pool $300,000.

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