Investors warned against dangerous investments in 2023

October 22, 2023

Analyst Eshkinin called the types of investments that should be avoided in 2023.

A. Eshkinin, an analyst at the investment company, spoke about seemingly profitable investment methods that should actually be avoided. The words of the expert are quoted by the Prime agency.

dangerous investments in 2023

According to Eshkinin, it is better for novice investors to abandon investments in third-tier securities - their capitalization, due to low liquidity, can both collapse and increase significantly. But predicting this trend is quite difficult, especially for ordinary investors. An additional minus is the gap between the purchase and sale, which can reach more than one percent.

It is also worth refraining from investing in risky bonds of issuers with a high commitment rate. The expert warned that in 2023 the likelihood of companies going bankrupt is much higher than in normal times. Thus, there is a great chance of losing all investments.

The analyst advises to bypass any "hype projects". According to him, only the "top" earns in them, and the rest only lose their money.

During the approaching recession of the global economy, which occurs against the backdrop of rising key rates in most economies, it is worth refusing to invest in high-tech companies. According to the interlocutor of the agency, despite the current decline in quotations of this industry, the likelihood of a continuation of the trend is extremely high.

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