Five newbie mistakes in cryptocurrency trading - how not to lose money

Updated October 24, 2023

Five mistakes in cryptocurrency trading, learn how not to lose money in cryptocurrency. Experts explained why many newcomers to the crypto market are plagued by failures and what rules must be followed in order for transactions to be profitable.

How not to lose money in cryptocurrency trading

Novice traders can make serious mistakes that ultimately lead to losses. Forexof experts explained what to do when trading cryptocurrency to minimize risks. Read more.

How not to lose money in cryptocurrency trading

Someone else's ideas

Many newbies start trading cryptocurrency using the strategies and ideas of other traders, but this is unlikely to lead to anything good. The essence of the trader's work is to analyze the market, make his own forecasts and search for their confirmation.

"If you are confident in the growth of an asset, buy and hold. I am sure that it will fall - sell and transfer to other instruments. It should be remembered that everyone can have mistakes, losses and profits, "the analyst explained.


When trading cryptocurrency, one cannot be too self-confident, since the situation on the crypto market changes every second and a trader must be prepared for these changes. Cryptocurrency is a highly volatile asset, and the digital asset market is largely unregulated. Therefore, investors should be discreet and invest a small part of their portfolio in digital currencies.

Too active trading

Entering the crypto market, newbies try to catch his every move and trade all promising coins, however, this is the path to quick burnout. Active trading during the day (intraday trading) is suitable only for a limited circle of traders who are well versed in technical analysis, feel the market signals and understand that crypto assets can move contrary to traditional ideas about market mechanisms.

"With such an intensity, it is difficult for beginners to maintain the quality of transactions, and the risks of succumbing to emotions are very high," the expert noted.

It is more advisable for novice traders to make deals not too often - at least once every couple of days or a week. In his opinion, it is easier to predict on such a planning horizon, since it is possible to move taking into account the general trend in the market.

Technical analysis is not a guarantee

Technical analysis can give an idea of what is happening in the market at the moment, but it does not include fundamental factors that can greatly affect the quotes. According to him, technical analysis helps to make forecasts based on the previous dynamics.

"Technical analysis does not give predictions in a situation where mining is prohibited in China," the analyst said.

Technical indicators work well in a stable market. He added that a trader should always consider the risk of a complete change in the situation due to some kind of news.

At the end of May of this year, the cost of bitcoin per day decreased by more than a third after the Chinese authorities banned organizations from providing services for storing and managing cryptocurrency and called for a complete ban on mining. The situation repeated itself in early September. Then bitcoin fell by 16% per day after a complete ban on cryptocurrency transactions in China.

Compensation for losses

After exiting a losing trade, the trader may want to compensate for the loss by entering a new position, but this is the wrong goal, the expert believes. He advised novice traders to try to shut off emotions and work with a cool head.

"The goal should be to obtain profitability: some deals are negative, some are positive, but the main thing is that the overall balance should increase," the expert noted.

If the overall balance decreases, it is worth taking a break and conducting a thorough analysis of transactions in order to determine the reasons for the failures, the expert advised the readers of Forexof.

Important information: Cryptocurrency trading provides a high rate of return on investment, but is also associated with the possibility of losing your investment. Before starting trading, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the trading conditions presented on the broker's website.